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US-9141886-B2: Method for the automated extraction of a planogram from images of shelving patent, US-9205032-B2: Pressed tablet tissue application box patent, US-9265603-B2: Intraocular lens patent, US-9280380-B2: Management of I/O reqeusts in virtual machine migration patent, US-9282719-B2: Covering for a pet crate patent, US-9284354-B2: Immunoglobulin-binding polypeptide patent, US-9296566-B2: Conveyor system patent, US-9326057-B2: Microphone module for electronic device patent, US-9327465-B2: Retreaded tire manufacturing method and tires suited therefor patent, US-9368821-B2: Composite electrolyte membrane for fuel cell, method for producing the electrolyte membrane and fuel cell including the electrolyte membrane patent, US-9441577-B2: Pressure reducing system for fuel gas and natural gas dewaxing vehicle patent, US-9452158-B2: R-7-(3-aminomethyl-4-methoxyimino-3-methyl-pyrrolidin-1-yl)-1-cyclopropyl-6-fluoro-4-oxo-1 acid and L-aspartic acid salt, process for the preparation thereof and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same for antimicrobial patent, US-9481033-B2: Earth-boring tools including cutting elements with alignment features and related methods patent, US-9511840-B2: Outboard drive device patent, US-9518403-B1: Collapsible picnic table canopy device patent, US-9535523-B2: Touch sensor integrated type display device patent, US-9536164-B2: Setting apparatus and setting method patent, US-9563755-B2: NFC triggered two factor protected parental controls patent, US-9563797-B2: System and method for transmitting information between multiple objects moving at high rates of speed patent, US-9567616-B2: Process for producing target substance by fermentation patent, US-9584779-B2: Illumination unit and display patent, US-9633488-B2: Methods and apparatus for acquiring, transmitting, and storing vehicle performance information patent, US-9634641-B2: Electronic module having an interconnection substrate with a buried electronic device therein patent, US-9642456-B2: Modular shelving patent, US-9678824-B2: Durability and availability evaluation for distributed storage systems patent, US-9688954-B2: Metabolically engineered microorganisms patent, US-9734334-B2: Data tracking in user space patent, US-9740993-B2: Detecting anomalies in field failure data patent, US-9766240-B2: Method of identifying a compound for treating a hypoxic or ischemic related disorder patent, US-9811926-B2: Touch screen gesture for perfect simple line drawings patent, US-9819029-B2: Method of making a fuel cell component patent, US-9824889-B2: CVD silicon monolayer formation method and gate oxide ALD formation on III-V materials patent, US-9860958-B2: Dimming drive circuit of alternating current directly-driven LED module patent, US-9863776-B2: Ambulatory route management based on a personal drone patent, US-9879657-B2: Freezing-point-lowering coating composed of plastic films for application to rotor blades of wind turbines patent, US-9881039-B2: Rebalancing operation using a solid state memory device patent, US-8662961-B2: Polishing pad seasoning method, seasoning plate, and semiconductor polishing device patent, US-8715236-B2: Mobile infusion device patent, US-8725302-B2: Control systems and methods for subsea activities patent, US-8738908-B2: System and method for web-based security authentication patent, US-8757622-B1: Bingo table game and method of playing bingo patent, US-8757671-B2: Slide actuating tubular connector patent, US-8779318-B2: Switching device and a switchgear patent, US-8792419-B2: Presence-based communication routing service and regulation of same patent, US-8795671-B2: Subcutaneous administration of anti-hepatitis B antibodies patent, US-8831281-B2: Summary view of video objects sharing common attributes patent, US-8859805-B2: Process for preparing isocyanates patent, US-8874108-B2: Integrating mobile devices into a fixed communication infrastructure patent, US-8914222-B2: Electronic control unit of internal combustion engine patent, US-8928573-B2: Shift register, gate driver on array panel and gate driving method patent, US-8930867-B2: Scheduling for parallel processing of regionally-constrained placement problem patent, US-8931513-B1: Water supply shut-off system patent, US-8945526-B2: Amphiphilic substance, and drug delivery system and molecular imaging system using the same patent, US-8961015-B1: Anti-slip electronic device sleeve patent, US-8990468-B2: I/O connection system, method and program patent, US-9018917-B2: Power management systems with charge pumps patent, US-9020874-B2: Short-term load forecast using support vector regression and feature learning patent, US-9036895-B2: Method of inspecting wafer patent, US-9054575-B2: Variable switched capacitor DC-DC voltage converter patent, US-9162139-B2: Cube puzzle patent, US-9168584-B2: Method of producing a metal foam by oscillations and thus obtained metal foam product patent, US-9172500-B2: Signal demodulation method and device patent, US-9184382-B2: Memristive devices with layered junctions and methods for fabricating the same patent, US-9186350-B2: Composition, and method of using the composition, effective for minimizing the harmful effects associated with individuals suffering from alcohol intoxication patent, US-9268296-B2: Image forming apparatus and cartridge therefor patent, US-9282281-B2: Cable modem with dual automatic attenuation patent, US-9287455-B2: Deep ultraviolet light emitting diode patent, US-9340693-B2: Actinic ray curable inkjet ink and image recording method using same patent, US-9350011-B2: Secondary battery negative electrode material, secondary battery negative electrode, method for manufacturing secondary battery negative electrode material, and method for manufacturing secondary battery negative electrode patent, US-9372530-B2: Aspect-ratio independent, multimedia capture and editing systems and methods thereof patent, US-9379911-B2: Message storage device and a moving image message processor patent, US-9428474-B2: Antibacterial compounds patent, US-9492144-B1: Multi-level pulser and related apparatus and methods patent, US-4693126-A: Feed roll for material web transporting and measuring web tension patent, US-9552529-B2: Analysis of electrophoretic bands in a substrate patent, US-9565180-B2: Exchange of digital certificates in a client-proxy-server network configuration patent, US-9574590-B2: Toggle latch for sequentially extended mechanical mast patent, US-9591925-B2: Seating cushion for treating pelvic pressure, pain and discomfort patent, US-9645388-B2: Facet mirror device patent, US-9647896-B1: Rule-based actions for resources in a distributed execution environment patent, US-9660973-B2: Security migration in a business intelligence environment patent, US-9688814-B2: Functionalized polyoxymethylene block copolymers patent, US-9781962-B2: Protective clothing system patent, US-9820933-B2: Composition for stimulating hair growth or preventing hair loss which includes extract neural stem cell and method for producing same patent, US-9821959-B2: Robot for transporting storage bins patent, US-RE45132-E: System and method for control and training of avatars in an interactive environment patent, WO-2017001126-A1: Masse adhésive, notamment pour l'encapsulation d'un système électronique patent, WO-2005085440-A8: Method for enriching and/or separating prokaryotic dna using a protein that specifically bonds to unmethylated dna containing cpg-motives patent, WO-2017190730-A1: Zweimassenschwungrad patent, WO-2018001799-A1: Verfahren und vorrichtung zum steuern eines fahrzeugs patent, WO-9629060-A1: Formes galeniques stables au stockage patent, WO-2008138589-A2: Verfahren zum herstellen eines gewebes und hierbei hergestelltes gewebe patent, WO-2012069206-A2: Suspendable bag for accommodating recorders or flutes or other instruments of similar shape patent, WO-9807994-A1: Raccordement de deux elements constitutifs patent, WO-0144098-A1: Appareil de levage patent, WO-2009074426-A1: Schaltventil für injektoren patent, WO-2009127334-A1: Dispositif de saisie et de maintien de bouteilles en pet patent, WO-2013117332-A1: Injection device patent, WO-2014026734-A1: Gurtschlossbringer patent, WO-9702146-A1: Cylindre patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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