Light source control circuit and illumination device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a light source control circuit and illumination device that are capable of adjusting a light flux or color temperature of light emitted by a light source, with a simple circuit configuration.SOLUTION: A light source control circuit 3 includes: a power generation unit 5 for generating DC power to be supplied to an LED 21 and an LED 22 for emitting light having a color temperature different from that of the LED 21, from a commercial AC power source; and a color control setting circuit 71 that comprises a variable resistor 711 for distributing the power generated by the power generation unit 5 to the LED 21 and LED 22 in order to control light emitted by a light source 2 including the LED 21 and LED 22, and makes the sum of the current value of first supply current I1 supplied to the LED 21 and the current value of second supply current I2 supplied to the LED 22 be constant at least in a certain color temperature range even when the color temperature of controlled light has changed.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
【課題】本発明は、簡易な回路構成で光源が発光する光の光束や色温度を調整できる光源制御回路及び照明装置を提供することを目的とする。 【解決手段】光源制御回路3は、LED21及びLED21とは色温度が異なる光を発生するLED22に供給する直流電力を商用交流電源から生成する電力生成部5と、LED21及びLED22を含む光源2が発生する光を調色するために電力生成部5で生成された電力をLED21とLED22とに振り分けるための可変抵抗器711を備え、調色された光の色温度が変化しても、少なくともある色温度の範囲ではLED21に供給する第1供給電流I1の電流値とLED22に供給する第2供給電流I2の電流値との和が一定である調色設定回路71とを有している。 【選択図】図1




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