Exhaust emission control device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To promptly raise a temperature of an NOx occlusion reduction type catalyst.SOLUTION: An exhaust emission control device includes: an NOx occlusion reduction type catalyst 32 provided in an exhaust passage 13 of an engine 10 and reducing NOx included in exhaust gas for purification while having a temperature raised to a predetermined operation temperature; an NOx/lambda sensor 45 provided in the exhaust passage 13 and detecting NOx included in exhaust gas while heated by a heater 45a; a first exhaust temperature sensor 43 for detecting a temperature of exhaust gas flowing in the exhaust passage 13; and a cylinder injector 11 and an ECU 50 for prohibiting heating by the heater 45a and increasing HC included in the exhaust gas to increase a temperature of the NOx occlusion reduction type catalyst 32 when the detected exhaust gas temperature is less than a predetermine threshold value THR1.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3
【課題】NOx吸蔵還元型触媒の温度を速やかに上昇させる。 【解決手段】エンジン10の排気通路13に設けられて、所定の動作温度に昇温された状態で排気に含まれるNOxを還元浄化するNOx吸蔵還元型触媒32と、排気通路13に設けられて、ヒータ45aによる加熱状態で排気に含まれるNOxを検出するNOx/ラムダセンサ45と、排気通路13を流れる排気の温度を検出する第1排気温度センサ43と、検出された排気温度が所定の温度閾値THR1未満である場合には、ヒータ45aによる加熱を禁止すると共に、排気に含まれるHCを増加させてNOx吸蔵還元型触媒32を昇温させる筒内インジェクタ11及びECU50を備える。 【選択図】図3




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