Combustion device, combustion control program and combustion control method of the same



【課題】給排気の閉塞を含む動作異常をプリパージ時間中に迅速にかつ正確に判定し、異常燃焼を回避することにある。 【解決手段】燃焼部(4)に対して給気または排気を行う給排気部(8)を備える燃焼装置(2)であって、前記燃焼部に点火する点火手段(6)と、前記給排気部に備えられたファンモータ(12)と、燃焼許可から点火動作前、前記ファンモータの駆動開始から回転不能、回転異常または前記給排気部の閉塞を検出する状態検出手段(14)と、前記状態検出手段から前記回転不能、前記回転異常または前記閉塞を表すいずれかの検出情報により、または燃焼許可から前記点火動作前の所定時間に生じた前記回転不能、前記回転異常または前記閉塞が解消されないことにより、異常と判定する異常判定手段(16)と、前記異常判定手段の異常判定により点火動作を禁止する制御手段(10)とを備えている。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To avoid abnormal combustion by quickly and accurately determining operation abnormality including blockage of air supply/exhaustion during pre-purge time.SOLUTION: A combustion device (2) which includes an air supply/exhaust part (8) for performing air supply or air exhaust with respect to a combustion part (4), includes: ignition means (6) for igniting the combustion part; a fan motor (12) provided at the air supply/exhaust part; state detection means (14) for, before an ignition operation from combustion permission, detecting rotation incapability, rotation abnormality or a blockage of the air supply/exhaust part from drive start of the fan motor; abnormality determination means (16) for determining that it is abnormal from the detection information showing one of the rotation incapability, the rotation abnormality and the blockage from the state detection means, or from the fact that the rotation incapability, the rotation abnormality or the blockage occurring during predetermined time before the ignition operation from the combustion permission is not solved; and control means (10) for prohibiting the ignition operation from abnormality determination by the abnormality determination means.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1




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