Vibration generating device and light-emitting device



【課題】弾性支持部材を用いずに、振動体から気体に振動エネルギーをより高効率に伝達させることができ、かつ長寿命化にも適した振動発生装置および発光装置を提供する。 【解決手段】振動発生装置(4,4’)は、開口部(41A)を有する筐体(41,42)と、筐体内に配置された磁石(43)と、筐体内で磁石に接するように配置された鉄心(44)と、筐体の内壁と鉄心との間に保持された磁性流体(45)と、側面にコイル(48,48’)が巻き付けられ鉄心を取り囲む筒型の形状を有し、コイルに交流電流が流れることにより筐体の内壁に沿って振動して、筐体内の気体を開口部から脈流として吐出させる振動体(46,47)とを有し、振動体の振動方向(V)に垂直な方向におけるコイルの厚さは、振動方向に沿った振動体上の位置に応じて異なる。 【選択図】図4
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a vibration generation device and a light-emitting device not only capable of efficiently transmitting vibration energy from vibrating bodies to gas using no elastic supporting member, but also suitable to prolongation of a lifetime thereof.SOLUTION: A vibration generating device (4, 4') comprises: housings (41, 42) having an opening (41A); a magnet (43) disposed inside the housing; an iron core (44) disposed to contact the magnet in the housings; magnetic fluid (45) held between an inner wall of the casing and the iron core; vibrating bodies (46, 47) having a cylindrical shape side, with a side face wound by coils (48, 48'), surrounding the iron core, and vibrating powered by an AC current flowing through the coils along the inner wall of the casing to discharge gas in the housing from the opening as a pulsating flow. Widths of the coils in a direction perpendicular to a vibrating direction (V) of the vibrating bodies, vary depending on positions in the vibrating direction on the vibrating bodies.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 4




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