【課題】変圧器タンクのシールド固定部の緩みを防ぎつつ、変圧器の騒音を低減すること。 【解決手段】鉄心脚と鉄心継鉄を有する鉄心と、前記鉄心脚に巻回された巻線と、前記鉄心及び前記巻線を有するタンクと、前記巻線に対向して前記タンクの内側に配置した磁気シールドで変圧器を構成する。前記タンクの内側に磁気シールド(28)を固定するための導電性の座(30)を固定し、座(30)と磁気シールド(28)の間に緩衝部材(31)を挟んで、磁気シールド(28)を座(30)にボルト(29A、29B)で固定する。 【選択図】図2
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a transformer capable of reducing noises therefrom while preventing looseness in shield fixed part in the transformer tank.SOLUTION: The transformer is constituted of including: an iron core which has an iron core leg and an iron core yoke; a winding which is wound on the iron core leg; a tank that has the iron core and the winding; and a magnetic shield which is disposed inside the tank opposing the winding. After fixing a conductive seat (30) for fixing a magnetic shield (28) inside the tank, the magnetic shield (28) is fixed to the seat (30) with bolts (29A, 29B) being interposed by a buffer member (31) between the seat (30) and the magnetic shield (28).SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2




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